7 Excellent Custom Upgrades to Ford Trucks

Ford trucks are excellent in factory form. With a legacy spanning decades and millions of fans, the manufacturer would not dare to release these beloved vehicles in incomplete or mediocre form. Keep that in mind when we assert that there is room for improvement. Accepting this truth can only benefit you.

From high-quality Ford big block flanges to top-notch exhaust systems, you can find upgrades for just about every component in your vehicle. While any improvement is a good one, some can boost your performance more than others can. We put together a list of our favorite custom upgrades to Ford trucks for your convenience.

Ford Big Block Flange

Ford trucks run on big block engines for a reason. This type comes with its drawbacks: they are generally much heavier than small block engines. As a result of that weight, their acceleration is also worse. What makes them ideal for larger vehicles is that they offer a substantial increase in torque and power.

You can boost both even further with the addition of high-quality flanges to your engine. The Ford Big Block Flange is, as you can guess, ideal for supporting vehicles from that manufacturer. They are laser-cut for a perfect fit, so you can attach them with relative ease and enjoy their benefits sooner.

Oil Separator

The EcoBoost engines that come standard with modern Ford trucks are generally excellent in their design. However, the way they interact with PCV systems causes a build-up of oil in the engine. You could have a mechanic check it up when too much collects. Why go through the hassle, though, when you can patch out the flaw that causes the problem?

Most of the time, mods are accessories that boost the capabilities of something already good. Sometimes, they have the goal of resolving a common point of criticism. Oil separators are an example. Replacing the PCV pipes with them redirects the oil out of the engine. They are also much easier to drain on your own, making them a winning addition all around.

Cold Air Intake

Laypersons might not expect any similarities between trucks and sailboats, aside from serving as transportation. More experienced gearheads know better: both gain power from the air. Automotive vehicles already have filters under the hood to blast the engine with air. For anyone with the need for speed, that stock system is not enough.

Replacing your truck’s factory parts with a custom cold air intake can give the engine a second wind. With the filter outside the vehicle and sucking air as you drive, the intake will funnel more air into the car. More fuel burns faster as a result. Installing this upgrade lets you harness two elements to dazzling effect.

Axle Truss

The axle is such an essential part of any automobile that many drivers take it for granted. They just assume that it will support their vehicle’s weight and rotate the wheels on a dime without difficulty. People with this mindset are in for a rude awakening if they swap their tires for something bigger without upgrading the alehouse as well.

You will not have a problem if you weld some axle trusses to the axlehouse’s underside. These small and humble parts offer the reinforcement you need for further adjustments to that area and your wheels. If you plan to transform your vehicle into a trophy truck, you must start with the axle, and trusses are a good place to start.

Decked Toolbox

Modding enthusiasts love to keep their tools and their ride close together for convenience. When one has many tools, though, one may struggle to find a place where they will all fit. The truck bed seems obvious, but it may seem too exposed. They could scatter from bumps, or thieves could snatch them.

The decked toolbox solves all these problems and more. This sizable container not only holds your tools but also holds to the truck's top-notch attachment features. It comes with locks to prevent theft. Some even include a ladder that can drape over the side of the bed, allowing for easy access. How is that for convenience?

Tonneau Bed Cover

Another option for truck bed protection is to simply cover the entire thing. We do not mean with a roped-up sheet, which can easily billow in high winds or get shredded from both inside and outside. We mean something like the Tonneau Bed Cover. This accessory is made of a hardy material that wraps over the whole bed.

Tonneau bed covers offer more than protection for anything inside the bed. It keeps precipitation and debris from accumulating on the bed. No more opening the back and receiving a deluge of rainwater or melted snow. It even keeps your truck from slowing down by stopping airflow from dragging on the bed walls. You have plenty of reasons to get this highly useful accessory.

Suspension Kit

Many people install Ford big block flanges and axle trusses to their trucks because they want to push their vehicle past its factory-set limits. Some choose to exercise their souped-up machines by taking them off the road for competitions. We have written plenty about trophy trucks in the past. Every time, we emphasize the need for enhancing the suspension.

Your average off-road race will have your vehicle experiencing airtime, navigating difficult terrain, and taking a great deal of stress. To make sure that the whole truck does not fall apart, get a suspension kit. It should have all the springs, parts, and tools you need to get through everything relatively intact.

Upgrade Your Ford Truck at Tabzone.com

Many people are just fine with their Ford trucks the way they are. With that said, modding can open up new possibilities and enhance the experience. Even installing just one of the upgrades on our list may be enough for a noticeable improvement.

If you are ever curious, Tabzone.com can help you out. Our online store is full of outstanding aftermarket products that all provide unique benefits. Feel free to explore our inventory and give your Ford truck a serious boost.


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