Becoming A Trophy Truck Influencer
You love trophy trucks but you notice that it’s not the most popular sport. It’s something real enthusiasts have to commit to as they scour the web for races, new truck ideas and more. It’s not as though you can just turn on the television every night and there’s a channel that talks about the sport and gives you updates on everything going on. 

Trophy trucks are a passion, something that grabs you and you just want to be around it as much as possible. They are as much fun to build as they are to race and people are gravitating to the sport more and more. This actually creates an interesting situation where you could benefit. Have you ever considered becoming a social media influencer? 

Benefits Of Being An Influencer 

An influencer is someone who publishes content, usually about a specific category or topic and gathers a large social media following. These people have found that the job is a full-time job but if you do it well, it can be very rewarding and very lucrative. Trophy trucks are a booming industry and more and more people every day are gaining interest. Is being an influencer something you would be interested in? 

How To Become An Influencer 

Becoming an influencer is a lot of work and you have to learn a lot about production and putting a show together. Even a five minute show is a lot of work and you have to make sure that your content is of great quality and interesting, otherwise who is going to watch? This is where you may want to research other influencers and get an idea of what they talk about and how they put their shows together. Follow this strategy: 

  • Content strategy: Your content will be what makes or breaks you. It doesn’t matter if you have a strong marketing strategy, unlimited funds and so forth, if you do not have quality content to share, you will not make it. Start with coming up with about ten shows or episodes. Work on each one individually and then start to put together what you need for each. Remember, you are going to want to post at least ten episodes to social and YouTube pages when you start and have the next ten ready to go as well. That way you have content people can binge and content ready to release for weeks. 
  • Cameras: Influencers say the hardest part of their job is working the camera. If the image is blurry, if the entire shot isn’t covering what you want it to cover or if the audio even is down, people are going to lose interest. You have to learn how to work cameras, set them up, lighting and more. 
  • Editing: The next step once you’ve collected enough footage is to start working on editing. This is where you are going to add dozens of features, graphics, make significant changes and so forth. It’s a great opportunity to also develop the flow of your episodes so that your viewers get accustomed to it. A great editor can make almost anything look good. Think of movie trailers. 
  • Website: While your largest audiences will be on social media and YouTube, you need to have your own site launched before you publish anything. Even a basic site is fine but this is key because it’s a way for you to build your following outside of the other platforms. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, if you do not have their emails and traffic to your own site, your follower count isn’t as impressive. 

Companies want to advertise with people who are real influencers and the only way to influence a population of people is to actually have them listen or watch your content. It sounds strange but it’s the same strategy television shows have used for years. We watch free content and in exchange, we watch ads from the companies sponsoring those shows. This is how thousands of people make a living doing this and you can as well. 

Building Your Social Following 

How many people do you need before you are an influencer? Remember, it’s not just about the number of followers, it’s about engagement. A million followers with fewer than one hundred thousand engagements is not as impressive as someone who has a quarter of the followers but gets more engagement. Engagement is key and that means connecting with your audience in multiple ways like: 

  • Building social up with content: Social media is the easiest way for people to access and engage with your content. It also gives you an opportunity to show them segments of the content or the entire thing. It’s recommended that you use the content here to bring people to another site. That constant movement shows your influential power and also gets you more followers on each platform. However, make sure you do post content that’s unique for social as well, otherwise what’s the point of following you? 
  • Newsletters: One of the most affordable and creative ways to reach out to people is with a newsletter. This can be effective because you can directly inform them that you have new content they can view and you can directly include advertisements or links to endorsements you are benefiting from. 
  • YouTube: The most important platform for your content will be YouTube. This is where you can gain the majority of your loyal fanbase. You have to make sure that your channel is meeting all guidelines and also that you are properly labeling the videos and optimizing them. Doing this ensures that the content will rank on search engines and drive more traffic to the page. 
  • Forums: Passionate fans love to share their opinions and information on social media, but also forums. The reason is because it’s a place where they can connect with other enthusiasts and talk just about their favorite topics, like trophy trucks. Share your content but remember to not share anything promotional here. These fanbases do not appreciate that and you would be better off advertising through the site rather than through a post. 

There are so many advantages to becoming a trophy truck influencer. If it’s something you’ve always been interested in, consider giving it a try and research what it takes to get started. The industry is growing and more people are gaining interest. This could be a fun experience and something you can build into a second or even first job.

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