Building your own trophy truck

Trucks come in all shapes and sizes depending on the purpose they are used for. One rare breed of trucks, known as trophy trucks, are not usually street-legal, but nor are they meant for commuting to work or running errands around town. These monster machines are meant for not only going off-road but flying past in off-road environments at warp speeds.

Design and construction

A trophy truck is characterized by a tube-frame chassis and has a high-horsepower engine mounted at the front which either drives the rear wheels or all four of them. As the truck travels over extreme surfaces at high speeds, the suspension of an off-road truck is designed for long travel and is relatively softly sprung to absorb large bumps, surface depressions, and jumps.

The trophy truck’s chassis is covered with composite bodywork and mostly utilizes the rear space, normally used as a pickup-truck bed, for storing spare tires and support equipment.

Although any vehicle may enter a trophy truck-class competition if it meets certain safety standards, the true trophy truck is a breed built completely different from your average SUV or four-by-four. To enter the competition is one thing, winning is another story. And if the parts that make up the mean machine are not right, completing the race, let alone winning, is a distant reality.


Off-road terrains throw all sorts of challenges to any vehicle facing them. Even custom trucks that are made for such activity will still eventually feel the brunt over time. In such situations, you and your truck will need to be ready to return to the competition as soon as possible. This means spares are available as well.

And not just replacements, truck parts are equally vital in preparing that ideal machine that can not just withstand the brutal wear of the hostile environment, but also create a trophy-winning truck.

TabZone is one of the best platforms that can help with your preparation. Their online superstore offers a wide array of trophy truck parts which have been subjected to the highest standards of quality. And not just quality, they offer wares at reasonable prices. Check out some of the parts on offer, here on the TabZone online store .

Since off-road trucks are inherently built from scratch, the designers must be knowledgeable in six key areas of the truck design. These six major areas, viz. handling, chassis, suspension, powertrain, aerodynamic, and safety design work as an integrated unit, and the designer must have an understanding of how changes in one area can affect the others. An expert designer knows that most of the design work is iterative and once the iterations are complete, the design is then optimized. Since off-road trucks operate in highly-varied environments, knowledge of the terrain is essential to ensure the truck will be able to handle the demands of the surface as well as speed.

TabZone has just the right parts for your every need and for every type made entirely out of 4340 chromoly steel that has been dual-heat treated and can transmit over 4000 Nm torque, there is everything a trophy truck will ever need.

How to extract the best performance from your truck?

If you want high performance from your truck, you need to make sure that it runs on good parts. And if you want your trophy truck to win off-road races, the parts should be even better. For instance, rod ends which are made out of lighter quality materials may be suitable for a steering linkage in a vehicle designed for normal on-road use only. But competitive off-roaders must use alloy steel rod ends, which are much more durable and substantially stronger to endure crippling impacts from rugged terrain.

You can optimize all kinds of parts in your truck, swapping out the factory components for stronger, custom-made parts. These include cup kits, precision bearings, jam nuts, and more that can be substituted to enhance the performance of your vehicle.

Although it requires a great deal of additional work, especially because maintenance should be conducted regularly, anyone who is serious about winning would make this effort. After all, a trophy truck is supposed to live up to its name and win trophies, right?


TabZone houses more than 60 linkage components. Their collection includes rod ends made from alloy steel, precision bearings, jam nuts, etc. All essential to the continued function and improved performance of your steering linkage, and your truck as a whole. Truth is that there is no equivalent to the appendix within a vehicle.

Every single part, no matter how small, is there for a reason. Of course, some parts are certainly more critical than others, but all of them need to perform perfectly and in tandem, to deliver competition-level performance. Take the exhaust flange for instance. You likely never think about it and some of us might not even know of its existence until a mechanic informs you that you need to replace it.

TabZone knows well that every component of your trophy truck matters, especially when you set out to build your own. That is why they offer not just any wares and components, but the ones that meet high-quality standards. This idea makes sure that the customers can be assured that their parts not just fit right, but perform well and last long too.

So, discover the entire collection of high quality and high-performance parts at unbelievably low prices. Just place of your order, and sit back while your favorite components get shipped directly to your doorstep!



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