Why upgrading your Chassis is indispensable for your vehicle?

One common question for drivers or automobile enthusiasts is- how does upgrading chassis benefit you? It is a well-known fact that the rigidity or sturdiness of your car chassis quickens its mobility and thus enhances its performance. Additionally, it also increases the control of your car and significantly affects the overall safety for the better. 

Let us understand in detail the benefits of upgrading your chassis.

Why does it need to be robust?

The chassis, as we all know, is the base of any vehicle’s suspension. When you minimize the scope of flexibility, the suspension keeps the tires in contact with the road, in turn strengthening the grip. If the case is otherwise, then the chassis will not be intact and would spring suddenly. 

From delayed steering response to reduced cornering capability- anything can happen as a result of this. Sometimes, it also hampers the toe alignment. Subsequently, the driver might lose control of the vehicle, the consequences of which can be highly devastating.

How do you make it more rigid?

As we know, in this day and age, vehicles are built on a “unibody” design. This means that the body of the vehicle is the shell and the foundational structure. Hence, the roof, interiors, and pillars- everything contribute to the functionality of the chassis. 

With the advancement in technology in the field of automobile manufacturing, the new génération vehicles offer best-in-class performance owing to the double rigidity of chassis. Therefore, the first step toward a robust chassis is building upon one that is already in the best shape.

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Reasons/ Tips for upgrading your chassis and make it more sturdy-

  • For most vehicles, “bolt-on” strut tower braces, chassis braces, and bolt-in roll bars are the perfect options. Strut tower braces reduce their flex and enhance rigidity. This also helps prevent contact between the top of the strut tower and the opposite strut tower. When suspension occurs, the flexing of the chassis releases stored energy. As a result, the towers may move from one another.
  • A movement in the shock tower is likely to hamper the mobility of other steering links affecting the alignment of the vehicle.
  • Therefore, the basic strut tower brace does a great job in this regard. If you go for complicated strut tower braces, it will also establish a triangular dimension of the brace with the firewall. This will further elevate chassis rigidity. Hence, the total performance will improve.
  • A variety of braces escalates the stiffness of the suspension member mounting point. If you increase the rigidness of the chassis, the chances are that you are influencing all chassis forces as these enter primarily through the suspension and subframes.
  • Most subframe braces are designed in a pattern, which helps to reduce the flex experienced by the subframe and the chassis. What lower tie bars do here is that these join the crucial points of the lower suspension arms by supporting the subframe. Although a lot of people do not prefer these over strut tower braces, yet people who have used these have been given a go-ahead!
  • You must know that a well-designed bolt-in roll bar or roll cage also helps in this regard. Like the ones mentioned above, these equally increase chassis sturdiness. People, for whom performance precedes everything else, will vouch for bolt-in roll cages. A wise thing here is to get a custom weld-in cage for your vehicle, which will be convenient and just right.
  • Another appropriate alternative is stitch welding. Stitch welding is lightweight and will increase the overall rigidity of the chassis without adding any inconvenience for you.

Some easy tips to improve vehicle handling:

  • Improving car suspension: Maintaining your car’s suspension is essential to ensure that the vehicle does not lose control.
  • Re-aligning wheels- Wheel alignment will ensure a smooth and comfortable ride even in the worst road conditions.
  • High-performance tires- High-performance tires with treads offer less fraction.
  • Good quality shock absorbers- Absorbers enable your vehicle to absorb energy while driving. Good quality shock absorbers will control the movement of springs and suspension while keeping tires in contact with the ground at all times.

The perfect go-ahead!

You must have understood by now that the more rigid the chassis, the speedier is its movement. This also means better performance and safety. If your chassis is stiff, it will be in better control since the suspension will deliver as per your expectations and up to its optimum efficacy. Many people who have collaborated with us have opined that on this exercise, what matters is what suits your vehicle. 

However, not giving this process thought is not an option. Be it front and rear strut tower braces or a weld-in roll cage, all your vehicle needs is chassis robustness. When your car responds quicker, you enjoy the experience as the driving becomes effortless. Not to forget that chassis rigidity is apt only to a certain limit.

You must thereby strategize accordingly. Since the chassis is the foundation of your vehicle, whatever you do with it has to be well-planned. Sometimes you might have to tweak and see how much of it is suitable for your vehicle. All we can say is that once you do it at the right intensity, your car will be a different version of what you have right now. With more control, predictable movement, smoothness, more efficient performance- upgrading your chassis is what your car needs.

It is up to you to make a choice and go for the equipment that your vehicle is compatible with. What we think it needs is- rigidity, power, and of course, control!

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