If you watch a NASCAR race, you may notice that all the cars on the course look similar. You do not tell them apart by shape and features, but by colors and sponsor logos. If you watch an off-road trophy truck race, you can immediately distinguish every competitor and easily remember who is driving what. While racers still need to follow certain rules for their vehicles' design, they are free to outfit them with all kinds of modifications and accessories.

Some drivers of DIY trophy trucks will tell you that half the fun happens off the track. Designing one's vehicle can be a highly engaging hobby. Sure, it can be expensive and time-consuming and laborious, but the work invested in perfecting a truck's design can feel incredible. More incredible still is watching the results of all that toil pay off in the racetrack — then doing it all over again to push the envelope even further.

Fans of DIY trophy trucks can find friends, along with a wide variety of parts, here at TabZone. We deeply enjoy seeing what crazy things people will do next with racing mods, so we provide plenty. Browse our selection today and let your imagination run wild.
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